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Community relationship is very important to the success of the facility.  We consider it mission critical to keep our neighbors and fellow citizens informed of our progress and developments as we bring to our County an amenity for which each of us can be proud.

  • Are you in favor of generating hundreds of new jobs?       
  • Are you in favor of providing an in-county location for our high school graduations?  
  • Are you in favor of an Event Center to accommodate indoor sport events –basketball, lacrosse, tennis, wrestling tournaments, boxing  and arena football?
  • Are you in favor of an Event Center that accommodates major, world class indoor entertainment events – circuses, art shows, antique shows, celebrity concerts and performances?  
  • Do you favor increased options for entertainment venues in Upper Montgomery County?                                              

If you are in favor of the above – let us know.  Indicate with your favorable ballot today! 

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