Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the County need an Events Center?
Montgomery County, with over 1,000,000 citizens, is an amenity rich community with quality in every aspect of our lives. Our culturally, religious and diverse populace enjoys world-class education, transportation and a variety of arts and leisure venues.  The one amenity we continue to lack is an event center/ arena that will serve to attract valuable jobs, as well as retain and potentially save tax dollars that otherwise are spent in regionally located venues that do not directly benefit our citizens. For example, the County Board of Education notes substantial funds are spent for each of our high schools that hold graduations in the District of Columbia at DAR Hall.  These funds do not include the major funds spent by families celebrating their milestone events at nearby restaurants. Additionally, a study was commissioned by the Maryland Stadium Authority and released in 2007 spelled out multiple economic, cultural and quality of life reasons that support and sustain the proposed facility.  (See

Where will it be located?
The desired location for the Center is an 8.1 acre tract of land on the west side of the Shady Grove Metro. Contingent on plans for accommodating relocated parking, we believe this site presents the greatest option for event traffic management, utilization of mass transportation and greatest ease to and from the area for vehicles.

What are the projected costs for completing the Event Center?
The projected costs are $40-$45 million, all of which is expected to be privately financed.

What type of events will be there?

  • graduations;
  • family entertainment shows by national and international acts
  • professional arena football;
  • professional indoor lacrosse;
  • professional indoor soccer;
  • tennis matches;
  • concerts by national and international acts(e.g., rock/pop, country, R&B);
  • high school sports championships
  • national youth sports competitions
  • gymnastics meets and shows
  • drum corps and marching band competitions;
  • spiritual gatherings;
  • art shows;
  • equestrian competitions;
  • wrestling
  • extreme sports events shows
  • business exhibition conferences;
  • multi-discipline seminars;
  • pet shows;
  • car and boat shows; and,
  • circuses.

How many events will there be?
The plan for the Center projects142 events during the calendar year.

What will be the seating capacity?
Initial renderings call for 6,500 arena style fixed seating, with an additional capacity for 1,500 seats on the floor.

What can we expect as an average attendance?
Average attendance is expected to be around 4,200 per event.

How will you handle the parking?
Proposals have been made to accommodate parking via existing garages at the Metro Site, in addition to our recommendation for a new 1,000 - 2,000 car garage on one of the existing parcels adjacent to current parking structures.

What about traffic?
D&A is contracting out to independent parties for a full traffic impact analysis that will be shared with area residents and the County.

What is the projected economic impact – jobs, revenues, projections to area businesses?
Once operational, the arena will conservatively support 764 jobs, $6.6 million in wage income, and nearly $19 million in business sales in Montgomery County. It is estimated that the arena will generate $5.4 million annually to support debt service. Of this total, $3 million would accrue to State and local government in the form of $2.4 million in taxes and $0.6 million in facility fee revenues. The balance would be generated through facility net income, which is estimated at $2.4 million per annum.

Will local businesses be given procurement preferences?
The Center will be privately financed. As such we will be operating a business seeking the best in quality and services from the vendors we contract.  Our full intention is to open up all opportunities with a reasonable preference shown to those who operate businesses within the County.

How do you plan to involve the local community?
As part of the planning and approval process, D&A is scheduling meetings with Neighborhood Alliances, Home Owner Associations, Business Associations, Parent Teacher Associations and others to expand the opportunities for review and input for what we believe will become a treasured amenity for all to enjoy.  Additionally, D&A will be appointing a County-wide Advisory Board comprised of leaders from a multiple of organizations who will be brought together on a regular basis for the purpose of keeping the community at large apprised of plans; as well as for the purpose of gaining insight from the community at every critical step along the development journey.



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