current status.

From a public policy perspective, the lack of this type of amenity in Montgomery County has come to represent a major deficit in what is otherwise an amenity-rich environment.  Given Montgomery County’s superior demographics, the results of our interviews with potential facility users, and the location and orientation of other facilities in the Washington area, an arena strategically situated in Montgomery County would not only be financially feasible and support significant economic activity, but would quickly establish itself as a treasured community amenity.” --- SAGE REPORT

Site location

The preferred site – 8.1 acre WMATA owned parcel, currently the Metro station’s west side open air parking lot - already designated for preferred economic development. 



Ideal and best use application as a destination location for entertainment, indoor sports, high school graduations, business conferences, trade shows and mixed use retail in the center of the expanding Rte. 355 corridor.



Business modeling presents 142 events annually – to include but not be limited to circuses; graduations;  minor league basketball;  arena football;  indoor lacrosse; indoor soccer;  tennis matches; concerts (e.g., rock/pop) attracting over 2,000 persons and/or not requiring the acoustic precision of the Strathmore; track and field competitions; spiritual gatherings; and marketing seminars.  With the exception of graduation events, most, if not all, activities would be on evenings and weekends, mitigating risks of traffic buildup and overflow to area neighborhoods.


    Scheduling Opportunities Now

    We will have substantial floor space for professional staging, as well a state of art acoustics and technology infrastructure for:

  • Meetings

    Let us know your future meeting space requirements and plan to book your major event in the Montgomery County Event Center/Arena

  • Sporting Events

    The event center will be equipped to accommodate world class tournaments , including  national and regional competitive sporting events such as, wrestling, boxing, equestrian contests, arena football, lacrosse, tennis, gymnastics and more.

  • Specialty Niche Events

    With site along mass transportation routes, the center is certain to be an ideal location for large audience religious events, art shows, antique shows, scientific or biomedical conferences. 

  • Retail Space

    Are You Interested in Space for Your Restaurant, Food Service or Catering Business?
    Site to feature over 40,000 square feet of retail space on the 1st floor with street access for patrons who are not attending events, as well as access from within the arena for those attending events. Letters of interest are being accepted now on a first come, first served basis.